Cacau (Theobroma cacao): functional food with potential for the quality of older life

Publicado 2021-07-15

  • André Vinicius Wendling da Silva
  • ,
  • Gabriela Miranda Bellizzi
  • ,
  • Sandra Ávila Gaspar
  • ,
  • Alexandre dos Santos Pyrrho
  • ,
  • Jaqueline da Silva
  • ,
  • Morgana Teixeira Lima Castelo Branco
  • ,
  • Marcia Cristina Braga Nunes Varricchio


Palavras-chave: Theobroma cacao, Functional Food, Elderly People, Originary People, Life Quality


Cocoa fruit (Theobroma cacao) is originary from American. It’s very little studied for its neuro-behavioral biological actions when regarding its origin, history, cultive and biological actions. Our group began to develop the study of this fruit with a view to its assisted cultive, for its use as a functional food with neuro-behavioral effect acting on neurotransmitters modulation, possibly also phyto-adaptogenic and immunomodulatory action. Our interest of scientific investigation of its complementary use as a functional food aims elderly people, among them indigenous peoples in urban situations with grief due to sequelae of Covid19 or major depression, is promising, meanwhile they have proper medical specialized follow-up. The study aims to increase the recovery of their emotional comfort and life quality through nutritional means, also through the recovery of affective memories of the use of cocoa for indigenous elders, as a psychosocial care strategy.


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Silva, A. V. W. da, Bellizzi, G. M., Gaspar, S. Ávila, Pyrrho, A. dos S., Silva, J. da, Branco, M. T. L. C., & Varricchio, M. C. B. N. (2021). Cacau (Theobroma cacao): functional food with potential for the quality of older life. Brazilian Journal of Biological Sciences, 8(19), 01–09.

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